Khmer Land

Khmer Land (the book) has been released today (Sept 30) after working on it for the last 2 months. All monochrome photographs taken during photo tours and workshops, private photo shoots and excursion trips around Cambodia…
The book comes as a printed version and as an eBook.

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Khmer Land by Eric d Vries
226 pages / Royal Crown format 7.5’ x 9.9’
paperback and eBook

Excerpts from Khmer Land

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You can purchase the printed version by clicking here…


go here if you want to get it as an eBook (pdf)


The Last Reel

Still life at the Golden Temple Cinema Battambang.
We found the keyholder and went into the abandoned building on Street 2 downtown Battambang. Build in the sixties and closed during the Khmer Rouge period and it re-opend after that until it closed down permanently 8 years ago. The cinema is the main location for the award-winning film The Last Reel, directed by Kulikar Sotho which will see the light in cinemas in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap on September 4. And I will be there…
all photos (c) eric d vries 2015
Watch The Last Reel trailer here…

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Along The Track Pt.2

A boy was attacked by a man with a kitchen knife at the slum near the abandoned railway station in Battambang at the moment I showed my clients around for some nice shots.
So I went in when the police arrived…
After questioning around one of the police officers went into one of the shacks with loaded gun but the suspect fled the scene already. The boy however was OK despite some cuts and scratches and blood all over his body. The two policemen took off on their motorbike and left the area with the kitchen knife, a piece of wood and a pair of flip-flops as evidence…
all photos (c) eric d vries 2015

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