Another new series

Trying to get this organised as a brand new series… More later.



Daido Moriyama

I went on a short trip to Japan 2 weeks ago and while in Shinjuku Tokyo I walked around Golden Gai which is very photogenic especially nighttime. I spent some time at the photographer’s bar Kodoji. One of the guests inside was the famous photographer Daido Moriyama. His work has inspired me since I got hands on his book Shinjuku 19XX-20XX about 16 years ago.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 4.11.21 PM

Earlier that day I visited Daido’s exhibition Uwajima at Akio Nagasawa Gallery.



A new series….

Been working on a new series called UNFINISHED REALITIES here in Siem Reap. Shooting with the medium format film (6×6) Mamiya camera. The series is about the changing landscape in temple town (Siem Reap/Angkor) with new developments coming up. Shooting in the same style as the American Landscape series I did in the 90s inspired by the New Topographic Movement (Lewis Baltz, Stephen Shore, Robert Adams..)

Here a preview (a glimpse) of what have been done so far…






All images (c) eric d vries 2018

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors
revisited series of American Landscapes I did in the 90s, re-scanned, re-selected and re-edited, inspired by the works of Lewis Baltz, Robert Adams, Stephen Shore and The New Topographics Movement. (September 2018)

More info later….


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The Monochrome Set 05


At the moment I’m selecting images from my archive to re-edit and also working on new stuff shot recently both digital as analog. On this page I’ll keep you updated about the progress of the series the coming months. Most of the photographs are taken during the photography workshops over the years and on some trips abroad. Although still work in progress there are already contacts for a possible exhibition in Hong Kong in 2019…

Free downloads of THE MONOCHROME SET editions


The Rain Gently Falls (Paris 2018)

Sunday morning … The rain gently falls from the gray sky when I walk the cobblestones at the largest cemetery in Paris. It is still early but I am not the only one. After 10 minutes walking I find the grave of The Doors frontman, half hidden behind ‘houses of the dead’. A young couple is leaning against the fence, the tomb is unfortunately turned off, softly listening to music from the Doors on their Iphone. They come from the USA … they respond when I ask them. I listen to LA Woman and shoot a number of photos from different angles … I walk on, between the graves through especially the last century. It is quiet, serene … gray on Sunday morning in Paris.




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